The Greatest Guitar Manufacturing Company In Japan
Half a century of passion in wooden instruments

Established in 1960, FUJIGEN has been manufacturing guitars and basses for many world famous labels for half a century. As the original manufacturer, we sign responsible for the high quality (and probably for the success) of many of the worlds most respected brands.
Today, FUJIGEN is expanding into a global market with the aim to establish the name FUJIGEN as its original brand. FUJIGEN claims its leadership in the world of electric guitars due to its know-how in the treatment of wood.

Overseas and global Markets / Becoming No.1

At FUJIGEN we started with classical guitars manufacturing, but soon shifted to electric guitars to meet a quickly growing demand by overseas business partners, especially in the USA, where electric guitars were becoming very popular. Classical guitars remained our main product in the domestic Japanese market.

In the early 80's many famous brands had their production outsourced to so called OEMs (Original Equipment Manufactures).

FUJIGEN was a top OEM with great experience and production capacity. Our monthly output raised up to 14000 electric guitars. This was world leadership. In 1983, we had reached out goal.

Establishing FUJIGEN's original Brand (FGN Guitars)

As an OEM for top brands, we intend to tighten our position in terms of quality over quantity as a reliable partner. In order to attain a certain independence and to realize our own design ideas, we have launched our brand FGN for overseas market. We have opened two original custom houses in Ikebukuro and Daikanyama, Tokyo and we launched a Japanese online shop for FUJIGEN / FGN brand guitars and basses. We recently started establishing a worldwide distribution network for FGN branded products.

Our custom houses in Tokyo are the main sales point for FUJIGEN / FGN branded guitars and basses. The expert staff receives special orders for individually modified instruments and provides repair services. We care for quality customer service with thoroughness in dating and craftmanship. We are proud to do everything possible to satisfy our customers.

With all this, FGN is striving to use all of its assets as effectively as possible to make progress towards a top brand guitar maker with a big name: FGN Guitars

  • May 1960

    Established in Nagano Prefecture, Japan through a joint capital investment, one million yen. In the guitar factory, first, only ten workers had manufactured trial products of violin and started to manufacture original classic guitars.

  • July 1960

    Our classic guitars won the prize in Matsumoto woodwork festival held in Matsumoto city, Nagano.

  • May 1961

    Chikuma factory opened and started to manufacture high-grade classic guitars. Then, we had a rush of orders and went into the black from this first year.

  • October 1962

    Started to manufacture original electric guitars.

  • October 1963

    Decided to guitar trade with USA in directly.

  • July 1966

    Hirata factory opened to manage and control our productions and qualities well.

  • August 1967

    Plywood factory opened.

  • October 1967

    New York Sales Office opened.

  • January 1970

    Increased the capital to 40 million yen.

  • May 1970

    Stopped the direct trade and decided to focus on manufacturing our products as maker.

  • June 1972

    Fujigen head office opened.

  • October 1972

    Started a made-to-order system.

  • January 1973

    Started to manufacture flat mandolins and banjos.

  • April 1974

    Annual turn over 1.3billion yen a year.

  • April 1979

    Started wood's direct imports.

  • January 1981

    Introduced the world's first CNC ( Computer Numerical Control) router for manufacturing guitars.

  • November 1981

    Started to manufacture original pickups.

  • April 1983

    14 thousand-pieces of electric guitars were manufactured per month(this amount was the No.1 production all over the world.) Introduced high spec machine with a computer control.

  • October 1985

    Share of guitar production: Overseas 80%, Domestic 20%

  • April 1989

    Changed our corporate name to FUJIGEN Co., Ltd.

  • October 1989

    Installed five division systems.(Guitar, Housing tools, Metals, New entry, Outdoor goods)

  • October 1990

    Established Sunwood co., ltd. and released original guitar from FUJIGEN brand, "HEART-FIELD".

  • April 1997

    Reorganization to two division systems as M.I(Music Instrument)division and C.A(Car Audio)division.

  • 1999

    Released original music boxes from FUJIGEN bland, "HEART-FIELD".

  • 2001

    Released original Japanese drums "Ryu-sho"(means Rising Dragon). Ikebukuro(Tokyo) FUJIGEN custom house No.1 opened.

  • May 2005

    Shibuya(Tokyo) FUJIGEN custom house No.2 opened.

  • May 2006

    Ikebukuro(Tokyo) FUJIGEN custom house No.1 removed in Tokyo.

  • July 2006

    FUJIGEN's online shop opened.

  • October 2006

    Exhibited our original guitars to PREMIUM GUITAR SHOW 2006, JAPAN.

  • November 2007

    Exhibited FUJIGEN original guitar to Instrumental Fair 2007, JAPAN. Won the most valuable company prize in Japanese small and medium scale enterprises.

  • May 2008

    Combined with Ikebukuro and Shibuya custom houses.

  • May 2008

    Marketing dept. and Assembly process dept. of M.I division systems moved to Omachi factory, Nagano prefecture.

  • May 2009

    Established FGN brand for overseas market.